Coronavirus (COVID-19)


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COVID-19 Hotline

The State Government has established a COVID-19 information hotline to keep communities informed.

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Coronavirus update 1 Apr 2020 - Travel Restrictions & Transperth Service Reduction

Centrecare recognises that there is a great deal of nervousness, anxiety and/or fear as we try to understand and manage our daily lives in the face of a real threat to the wellbeing of ourselves, family, colleagues and friends. It’s only possible to avoid infection and spread of the virus if we seriously implement the hygienic and distancing measures that are recommended by the Government.

In support of the Government’s call to respond seriously to COVID-19, Centrecare has introduced a number of measures intended to minimize the possibility of its transmission between staff members and staff members and clients. These measures may cause disruption to the manner in which services are usually provided. Despite changes to service delivery, the full range of Centrecare services remain available to the community. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are in need of assistance.

The unfolding pandemic challenge that is before all of us can only be met if we support each other and keep each other safe.  Centrecare will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and respond accordingly. We thank you for your understanding during these unprecedented times. 

As of 31 March, intrastate travel restrictions are in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
These restrictions will prevent non-essential travel across regional boundaries . The regional boundaries can also be found on the WA Main Roads Travel Map .

Exemptions apply to those travelling across regional borders for:

  • work purposes;
  • to transport freight;
  • to attend medical appointments;
  • to attend school or an educational institution (where necessary);
  • to those who do not have access to groceries or supplies within their region
  • catering for family members; and
  • compassionate grounds.

As of 6 April, a reduction of Transperth services will take effect.  Further information is available at  


Coronavirus update 26 Mar 2020 - Client Update

The wellbeing of our clients is, and always has been our highest priority. Whilst we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely, Centrecare have taken the precaution of offering service by telephone or video conference only and have ceased all face to face contact. However, face to face contact may be used only in extreme circumstances.

All existing clients have already been notified and new clients will be advised when they make contact.

Should you have any concerns, please call your Centrecare branch prior to your scheduled appointment.

Branch contact

We understand that these are very difficult and challenging circumstances for everyone and thank you for your understanding.


Coronavirus update 18 Mar 2020 - Client Update

Information for Centrecare clients and visitors regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19).
On a daily basis there is a significant amount of information - and misinformation - circulating about the Coronavirus (COVID-19). 
Centrecare is very aware of the seriousness and varying impact this may have on our staff, clients and the wider community. Avoiding the spread of the virus will largely depend on our collective and individual responsibility. As individuals, we need to ensure that we follow Health Department recommendations regarding hygiene and behaviour when with and around others.  As an organisation, we have a responsibility to protect staff and clients and prevent the transmission of the virus into our buildings.  In order to do this Centrecare will be asking our visitors and clients the following questions. 

  • Have you recently travelled to an area with known local spread of COVID-19?
  • Have you come into close contact with someone who has a confirmed COVID–19 diagnosis in the past 14 days?
  • Do you have a fever OR symptoms of lower respiratory illness such as cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, are feeling unwell or displaying symptoms of COVID – 19, we will discuss alternative options available to you for accessing our services remotely, such as phone and skype contact.   For up to date information, we recommend you regularly visit the following websites:
WA Department of Health
Australian Department of Health
World Health Organisation

As we live through the next few months, let’s make sure we look after our own health, and that of those around us.