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Indigenous Family Program (IFP)

when you and your family want to be in control of your life

A Centrecare service providing culturally sensitive support and counselling to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.

To download Centrecare's Indigenous Family Program brochure, click here.

If you live in the metropolitan area of Perth and need assistance for you and your family to effectively deal with trauma and other issues - Centrecare Djooraminda can help you in making positive decisions and linking your family into community support services to help you take control of your life.

Do you or your family need help with:

  • keeping your children and family safe;
  • dealing with trauma;
  • coming to terms with grief and loss;
  • accessing education;
  • reducing offending behaviour;
  • decreasing alcohol and substance abuse;
  • improving family relationships;
  • getting and keeping appropriate, safe and secure housing;
  • accessing suitable community and government services; and/or
  • financial problems?

If you answer "yes" to any of the above questions, then this service may be of help to you.

Centrecare Djooraminda’s Indigenous Family Program (IFP) is a culturally sensitive service designed to provide support, information and assist you to keep your children and family members safe.

An IFP outreach counsellor will visit you at home. We will work with you, your family and extended family on your own goals. We will help you to identify your needs and issues and refer you to community and government services if necessary. We will also assist you develop your knowledge, skills and confidence to deal with crises as they occur.

By participating in the program you will receive:

  • home visits every week, or more often if required;
  • assistance in dealing with the referral issues;
  • assistance to identify and manage the changes you want to make;
  • counselling for yourself and other family members;
  • referral or help with accessing and dealing with other agencies, if required; and
  • assistance in resolving conflict, differences or disputes with other agencies.

Making contact
If you would like the IFP to help you, referrals can be made through:

  • Department of Communities, Child Protection and Family Support
    Department of Communities, Housing
    Department of Education
    Department of Justice
    You can refer yourself

You will need to complete the consent form on our brochure for a referral to be made. You can also contact Centrecare Djooraminda on the telephone number below.

Centrecare Djooraminda (08) 9436 0600

To download Centrecare's Indigenous Family Program brochure, click here.



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