New Three Word Slogans, Politics and NFPs - David Crosbie CEO of Community Council for Australia writes for Pro Bono

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In the light of the latest political “refocusing” by Prime Minister Abbott, the Government will need to hit the reset button on its relationship with the charities and Not for Profit sector, writes David Crosbie, CEO of Community Council for Australia.

Our current Prime Minister is telling all who will listen that he is refocusing his Government around three key issues: jobs, families and security.  

As a new national political agenda, these words make sense. If this new messaging is to be more than political rhetoric, however, it will require the Federal Government to hit the reset button on the Government’s relationship with the charities and NFP sector.

"Creating jobs" is a popular policy agenda. We all want jobs and most jobs are actually good for our health and wellbeing.

"Stronger families" is clearly a popular policy agenda.  We are all part of families and we all want them to do well. Who wants families to fail?

"Security" is another obviously popular agenda. Australians want to be safe in their communities.

What is most interesting about these three words: jobs, families and security, is that they are at the very core of the work of NFPs across Australia.

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