Client Testimonials

"These sessions have helped me in many ways - at the time & I know in the future. Given me a lot to think about, Ala was certainly the right person to engage with me I am very grateful".
Youth Justice Service

"The councelling (sic) I received was exactly what I needed. For the first time I felt heard and understood. My ex husband and I had been to various couple councelling and to a psychiatrist and it felt like they were not addressing the domestic violence issues in our relationship, in fact my ex husband managed to manipulate the situation. My councellor (sic) and she was absolutely wonderful, not only did I feel understood, but her knowledge about borderline personality disorders, which my ex husband was diagnosed with a few years back, she could understand what I must have gone through and she reassured me over and over again regarding my doubts and she helped me to gain some of my confidence back."
Specialised Family Violence Service

(The) "Stronger Together service was very good at communicating, and a brilliant service to work with."
Stronger Together

"Centrecare was very good to me, treated me with respect."
Families First

"Christian helped me understand the underpinning issues impacting my relationship issues."
Family Relationship Services

"Excellent staff and ability to deal with what I see as a unique situation with unique individuals."
Family Law Counselling

"Dear Centrecare ,

The Mental Health Foundation Australia (MHFA) would like to congratulate and thank you for your leadership and tireless work during this COVID-19 Pandemic. We understand and appreciate your efforts during this unprecedented situation to keep Australians safe.

It is the view of the Mental Health Foundation Australia to show gratitude for the care and competence of all politicians/government officials for keeping Australians safe and effectively limiting the spread of Coronavirus. We encourage all Australians to continue the spirit of unity and support, displayed by our leaders, including yourself personally.

Please see an attached certificate of appreciation from us at the MHFA.

We once again thank and congratulate you for all that you do for our great nation.

Yours Sincerely,"
Mental Health Foundation Australia (MHFA)

"This is an incredible and valuable service that should be completely government funded if it isn’t already. Thank you."
Family Dispute Resolution