Family and Domestic Violence Services - Rural

Centrecare Services relating to domestic violence in the rural area

Family Domestic Violence Counselling and Support Service - This service works with adults and children to help them find solutions to problems both practical and personal that have arisen from family and domestic violence.

  • Men's Domestic Violence - A Centrecare service for men who are concerned about the affects of their behaviour on the people they love, work and spend time with.
  • Specialised Family Violence - This service is designed to provide support and counselling for families that are affected by family violence. This service works with the family unit and both supports them and helps them to understand the effects of family violence on them.
  • Women's Domestic Violence - A Centrecare service for women experiencing and managing the consequences of abuse.

Eliminate Violence Against Women
Centrecare have been part of the Healthy Relationships group that facilitated this project headed by Town of Victoria Park and are proud to partner with the West Coast Eagles to eliminate violence against women