Reconciliation Statement

To all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People,

Centrecare acknowledges the former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd’s apology to the Stolen Generations. In the spirit of Reconciliation, we want to give recognition to your:

  • love for and connection to land and country;
  • wonderful stories of creation and spirituality;
  • family and kinship networks;
  • beautiful art, music, literature, and drama;
  • inspiring sporting achievements;
  • educational and business accomplishment;
  • commitment to community service; and
  • struggle for justice and equity.

We are hopeful, that our Australian community appreciates your culture, people and history as making a significant and unique contribution to our nation.

Centrecare Perth is located on Warjuk Nyoongar land and acknowledges the traditional owners of this Land and also the traditional owners of other Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island lands throughout Australia.