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Family Law changes

Family Law has changed. The Family Law requires parents to attempt to resolve issues related to their children through Family Dispute Resolution (or a similar service) before being able to initiate proceedings in the Family Court. Exceptions could apply to this rule such as family violence or urgent matters. The two services below can assist you in this area.

Centrecare Services relating to family dispute resolution in the Perth metropolitan area.

Learn more about the Mediation process

If you are separated or impacted by separation and are interested in mediation, these audio seminars will provide you with useful information about the Family Dispute Resolution process, Family Law Act and next steps. We recommend you listen to these prior to contacting us, to ensure this is the service for you.

Click on the relevant link below to listen to the audio.

Please see below for the contact information once you have listened to the seminars.

Child in Focus

Property in Focus

Thank you for listening to our seminars. If you would like to proceed with the family dispute resolution service, please complete the Centrecare Intake Registration Form and return by email to the office of your choice if you are initiating the service. If you have been invited to mediation by the other party, please select the office as indicated in your invitation letter.

Once we receive your form, you will be contacted by the administrative team of that office for the next steps.



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