Family Relationship Centre

Family Relationship Centre
Information to help people with their relationships

The Centre is a valuable community resource.

Provision of Information for Families

The centre provides information to help people with their relationships. Midland and Kalgoorlie Family Relationship Centre (FRC) provides a comprehensive assessment service for families, including grandparents, seeking advice, support and referrals to family relationship services, including family dispute resolution (FDR). This service is a source of information for families at all stages, including people starting relationships, those wanting to make their relationships stronger, those experiencing relationship difficulties and those affected when families separate.

Our experienced and fully qualified staff provide family dispute resolution as an alternative to the Family Court. Our experience in assisting parents and carers negotiate parenting plans has helped many families avoid contested court hearings. Midland and Kalgoorlie FRC also provides a child inclusive model of practice which helps to ensure the children’s voice is heard during the course of FDR.

Midland and Kalgoorlie FRC provides a free two hour Child in Focus Seminar for all parents and carers who access FDR. The seminar is informed by the latest research by Dr Jenn McIntosh which highlights the importance of parents and carers focusing on the best interests of the child. The seminar is open to step parents, grandparents, practitioners and the general public.

Helping families use other services

Midland and Kalgoorlie FRC is a gateway to other family relationship services such as Centrecare’s specialist family violence service, counselling, family mediation, facilitated groups for parents and carers and property mediation.

This FRC provides outreach services from Midland throughout the Wheatbelt and the Goldfields. Services are also provided to people in prisons. The Midland and Kalgoorlie FRC have Indigenous Advisors that inform service provision to Indigenous families. The Indigenous Advisors are also qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners.

For more information regarding this service contact the Midland Family Relationship Centre on (08) 9436 0600.