Family Link

when you want your family relationships to be different

A Centrecare service for parents/caregivers with dependent children.

Family Link

To download the Family Link brochure (4309An), click here.

It seems life just keeps getting busier and more complicated. Sometimes we find ourselves with problems that just seem too complex and it’s hard to find someone who has the time to listen. It is important to develop or improve our strengths and skills. We can then effectively deal with life’s more challenging moments and find solutions which help us to feel more positive and in control of our lives.

As an individual are you:

  • feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges;
  • wanting more confidence;
  • looking for ways to manage anxiety;
  • dealing with separation or divorce; and/or
  • being physically or verbally abused in a relationship?

As a couple are you:

  • needing to learn more effective ways to communicate;
  • arguing a lot;
  • thinking about separation;
  • having issues with parenting; and/or
  • having trouble negotiating?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions, then this service may be of help to you.

Centrecare’s Family Link Service offers professional counselling and group programs for individuals and
couples who have a dependent child/ren and live in the north eastern suburbs of Perth.

The service aims to assist you to find solutions to current issues, as well as helping you develop the skills necessary to effectively manage future challenges that may occur.

Counselling offers you a confidential way of discussing your concerns with someone who is there to listen and help
you find the most effective solutions for your problems. Counselling can assist you to set goals, decide how
you would like your future to be and identify options for achieving these goals.

A variety of group programs and workshops are offered by Centrecare including: “Self-Esteem”, “Anger Management”, “Parenting” and “Family Violence”. Groups are generally run during school terms.

Department of Communities

This service is funded by the Department for Communities – Child Protection and Family Support under the Earlier Intervention and Family Support Strategy