Tradition, Purpose and Values

Centrecare Tradition

Centrecare is founded on the Church’s holistic vision for community. Our inspiration is drawn from the Christian message of love, hope and justice. We are encouraged by those individuals, irrespective of race or belief, who seek to create a society that transcends, dignifies and unites all people.

Centrecare Purpose

To provide people and communities with professional social services that enhance wellbeing and that are inspired by compassion and recognition for human dignity and worth.

Centrecare Values

Respect - Recognition of the intrinsic worth of all human beings and the importance of sustaining their dignity and valuing their views.

Excellence - A commitment to the continued improvement of our skills and to the highest standards in service delivery.

Celebration - Celebrating the beauty of life, friendship and the resilience and achievements of the human spirit.

Compassion - An open hearted and thoughtful response to the experiences of the people we serve and those we work with.

Acceptance - Welcoming people in all their diversity in a manner that diminishes anxieties, enhances self-worth, communicates goodwill and leads to reconciliation.

Professionalism - Delivering services and treating others in a non-judgemental, caring and highly proficient manner.

Centrecare is "People Making Time for People".