Family Dispute Resolution Services

Centrecare Services relating to family dispute in the rural area.

  • Child Contact Service - A Centrecare service assisting separated parents with child contacts.
  • Regional Family Dispute Resolution - This service assists separating, separated and divorced couples to quickly resolve disputes concerning children and/or property in the event of family breakdown.
  • Family Law Counselling - A Centrecare service to help people better manage their relationship or family problems.

Learn more about the Mediation process

If you are separated or impacted by separation and are interested in mediation, these videos will provide you with useful information about the Family Dispute Resolution process, Family Law Act and next steps. We recommend you watch these prior to contacting us, to ensure this is the service for you.

Click on the relevant video below.

Please see below for the contact information once you have watched the video.

Thank you for watching our videos. If you would like to proceed with the family dispute resolution service, please complete the Centrecare Intake Registration Form and email to the Kalgoorlie address below.

Once we receive your form, you will be contacted by the administrative team for the next steps.