Centrecare Welcomes

27 January 2016

Centrecare and Parkerville Children & Youth Care Inc. are very happy to welcome Project Manager, Linda Savage and Project Officer, Emma King, as the inaugural members of the “Valuing Children” team. The team’s role will be to establish this very exciting project.

The "Valuing Children” initiative is intended to bring a positive, community focus on all children, bringing them to the forefront of our considerations. The task is to inspire Australian society to value all children, not just our own and to see their wellbeing as a common responsibility.

It is our belief that a greater, societal commitment to children and their needs will help create the opportunity for all children to flourish and maximise their potential. It will also contribute to forming a much richer, more welcoming and caring society.

Linda’s and Emma’s passion and experience will ensure the success of this visionary and challenging project.