Community leaders sought for major reform - Media Release Hon Terry Redman MLA and Hon Helen Morton MLC

5 June 2015

Aboriginal leaders to play major role in regional services reform
Strategic Regional Advisory Councils to be established in Pilbara and Kimberley
Eight positions available for regional Aboriginal leaders

Regional Aboriginal leaders are being sought to help drive major reforms to the way infrastructure and services are provided to Aboriginal communities in Western Australia. The State Government recently announced a long-term regional services reform plan, led by Child Protection Minister Helen Morton and Regional Development Minister Terry Redman, to enable better education, health and wellbeing and employment outcomes for Aboriginal people living in regional and remote areas.

Today, the Ministers called for regional Aboriginal leaders to nominate to join Strategic Regional Advisory Councils being established in the Kimberley and Pilbara. Each council will see four regional Aboriginal leaders working with four heads of relevant State Government departments, and a senior representative from the Australian Government and another from the community services sector.

Mr Redman said the establishment of the councils would ensure Aboriginal leaders played a major role in the reform process, and provided a conduit for Aboriginal people to engage with the State Government on those reforms. “The reform will only work if it is developed and implemented in collaboration with Aboriginal leaders,” he said. “The establishment of these councils is an opportunity for Aboriginal leaders to work with the State Government on this major reform process.”

Mrs Morton said each council would provide high-level strategic advice on, and identify opportunities for, changes that could be made to Government expenditure, policies, programs and governance to improve Aboriginal outcomes in its region. “We are seeking Aboriginal leaders who are passionate about improving outcomes for Aboriginal people living in regional and remote areas, and prepared to advocate for positive change,” she said.

Fact FileApplications close at 5pm on Friday June 26, 2015
To be eligible for appointment, applicants must be of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent and live in WA
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