Director's Christmas message

23 December 2013

For Christians this time of year is particularly beautiful. It is a time of softness and care for others. A caring that is inspired by the thought of a small child being born in a stable to very caring parents who were aware of his divine nature. The beauty of angels announcing to shepherds in their fields the arrival of this heavenly child, the Saviour, speaks to our hearts and allows us to look beyond our daily cares, even if for only a short while. The message of hope that accompanies the angelic announcement of “Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth to people of goodwill” reassures all of us.

Christmas provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the important things in life. The need to look beyond ourselves and our cares to others and their needs. It helps us to understand that the simple things in life are often the most precious and essential to our happiness. In these we find joy. Christmas allows us to search for the spark of the divine in each of us and to courageously express it. It reminds us that greatness lies in who we are and not in what we possess. The Christmas story reaffirms those who seek peace when violence seems to be all pervasive.

At Centrecare we understand that Christmas is not always a happy or inspiring time. It can often be a period when the depth of our loneliness and separateness can be felt even more acutely. However, the Christmas story is one of interconnectedness, hope and of the dignity of each of us. So, let us hope that Christmas can bring peace and joy, even if for only a short while.

My very best wishes to everyone for an enjoyable and loving Christmas and a satisfying New Year.

Tony Pietropiccolo AM