Face of a Crisis

15 June 2021

Face of a crisis

"When you go to bed tonight spare a thought for little Alice who sleeps in a car with her mother."

"Alice is not the only child in WA experiencing homelessness. Entrypoint, the referral helpline for people who are homeless or facing homelessness which is funded by the WA Government, received 282 calls from single parents seeking help just in the month of May. And from January to June of this year Centrecare’s Family Accommodation Service, which provides medium term accommodation to people who are homeless, received queries from 506 families."

"These families were made up of 597 adults and 1124 children." "Centrecare director Adjunct Professor Tony Pietropiccolo, whose organisation also runs Entrypoint, said it was distressing for staff to get cries for help but then have limited accommodation to refer people to."

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Entrypoint Perth