Happy Easter

1 April 2020

The first few months of this year have been incredibly difficult for people around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has created havoc and misery for many nations. The hundreds of thousands of deaths have brought much grief to families and communities. The statistics we see each day are numbers masking the harsh reality of many individual lives cut unexpectedly short by once in a hundred year event. They don’t speak of the pain and suffering of the individuals concerned or of that of their families and friends.

Thousands of doctors, nurses and other first responders have generously worked through a sea of anxiety, fear and inner turmoil to provide life giving assistance to others. They have saved countless lives while many have lost theirs. Watching hospital scenes full of highly sick patients with nurses and doctors scurrying to provide what support they could, while knowing that they were themselves at high risk, is nothing short of breathtaking. Their professionalism, commitment and compassion is remarkable and a benchmark for us all. It demands our respect and gratitude.

At Centrecare, whilst our efforts may not be as crucial to physical wellbeing as the medical professions, our expertise and knowhow is vital to people’s emotional and physical health. Our services to the homeless, youth at risk, children in out of home care, struggling families, people with mental health issues, those experiencing domestic violence, along with the many other services Centrecare offers, are more important than ever during this difficult period.

The changes to our daily lives brought on by COVID-19 have been dramatic. Our communities have been reshaped and reorganised beyond recognition from that which existed a few weeks ago, as have our workplaces. The need for physical distancing has created abnormal and uneasy situations as we refrain from the familiar greetings of handshakes and hugs with family, friends and colleagues. The many, important messages to keep safe and the regular reminders of the dreadful nature of COVID-19 sustains an ever present, if subtle anxiety and even frustration that shadows our every move and thought.

Easter comes to us in this context. It’s message of “new life” seems incongruous with what is happening in so many hospitals and communities around the world. Yet, such a message reminds us that life is always present, even in the direst of circumstances. The words Happy Easter allows us the opportunity, at least for a while, to reawaken happiness in our lives. For Christians, Easter has an even deeper meaning, it symbolises that life is ever present, even in death.

At such a difficult time, Easter brings us hope. It tells us that the suffering, concerns and discomfort will come to an end and that life will go on. We will once again be able to share our time with our friends and relatives, engage in our favourite past times and wash our hands a whole lot less.

On behalf of Centrecare, wishing you and all your loved ones a very happy and enjoyable Easter.