Humanitarian Settlement Program

27 July 2017

Centrecare is pleased to advise that we, in partnership with the Red Cross, will be delivering the Humanitarian Settlement Program for the next five years.

The services will have the responsibility for providing newly arrived refugees with access to accommodation and tenancy training.

The new Humanitarian Settlement Program features more intense one-on-one support to build refugees’ skills and knowledge to in order that they can become active members of the Australian community.

The new Humanitarian Settlement Program is structured to:

• improve English language, education and employment outcomes for humanitarian entrants, including introducing new methods to track outcomes over time;

• create clearer linkages to the Adult Migrant English Program and the Skills for Education and Employment Program, (administered by the Department of Education and Training) and job active, (administered by the Department of Employment);

• expand orientation and information on life in Australia to provide humanitarian entrants with foundation skills required for their new start;

The service is planned to commence on 30 October 2017 and Centrecare staff will be based at our Cannington office at 22 Pattie Street.