International Women's Day - Saturday 8 March, 2014

7 March 2014

Saturday March 8, marks the date that International Women’s Day will be celebrated in 2014. This important day of recognition gives all of us a chance to reflect on the contributions and legacies of the women, not only in the community and public arena, but on those very important figures that have touched our lives and hearts. Whether it be family such as mothers and grandmothers, friends or work colleagues, these important women have helped to shape us into the individuals we are today.

While we admire and give thanks to the women who are making amazing breakthroughs’ in medicine, business, research, politics etc, we must not forget those in the community that are mothers, volunteers, teachers, friends, counsellors, nurturers, employees and more, who contribute to the rich and diverse community tapestry that we have in Australia.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank not only the very important women in my own life, but all of the women in the community. A very special thanks to our employees and volunteers at Centrecare who play such an important role in enabling the organisation to continue the very important work that we are doing within the community.

Tony Pietropiccolo AM
Director Centrecare