Italy Earthquake Appeal - a message from the Director

11 June 2015

The recent earthquake in the Italian region of Abruzzo was a very tragic event, leaving tens of thousands homeless and a loss of life of three hundred or more. Thousands of people have been traumatised by the event; they remain unable to go back to their homes and many are still mourning the loss of their loved ones.

The local Italian community has begun a number of fundraising efforts to help rebuild the lives of those affected. Centrecare has become a significant partner in a major fundraising exercise named "Donate for a Smile". The slogan is intended to remind us that the fundraising is to help relieve personal distress and provide a sense of hope and joy to the children, families and the aged who are struggling to come to terms with this life changing event.

A high profile coordinating committee has been established to both raise and disburse the funds; Centrecare will establish and maintain the fund. Help will be provided to individuals and families identified as needing support by respected Italian charities. The fundraising will take place over the coming months. It is the first time that Centrecare has taken such a major role in an international fundraising effort and it is hoped you will support it. There is a Gala Ball planned for 24 July 2009. If you are interested in participating or if you want more information please contact Carolyn Padua on 9325 6644 ext 227.