Linkwest - "Our ACE Community - Beyond Gambling Programme"

29 September 2015

Linkwest, in conjunction with eight community centres and five project partners across the state, is delivering the Our ACE Community - Beyond Gambling Programme.

This programme, which includes a series of fun and creative workshops from healthy eating to Robotics, self-esteem, dealing with depression, and financial counselling sessions, aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the effects of problem social gambling on individuals, families and communities.
  • Provide problem gamblers and others affected by problem gambling, such as families and friends, with a range of positive and healthy alternatives to social gambling.

The Our ACE Community - Beyond Gambling Programme is open to the entire community: problem gamblers, those affected by the problem gambling of a friend or loved one, or those seeking to participate in positive and healthy community-based activities.

There is no need to enrol or register for any of the activities, just turn up to the centre holding the activity on the day and time specified on the workshop schedule.

For more details of the programme, including the workshop schedule, participating centres and project partners, visit the Linkwest website.