Refugee and Asylum Seekers

5 November 2013

The world’s first Centre for Refugee Law open at the University of NSW and that it has been established from a large philanthropic donation. The donation comes from two former refugees who are now prominent in the Australian business and community sector. Andrew and Renata Kaldor fled from war torn Eastern Europe in the late 1940s to find Australians warm and accepting.

Now, the Kaldors are concerned about the human rights aspects of the current debate. They want to see a calm and reasoned discussion rather than treating refugees as threats and a net cost to society when all facts show the opposite. They have recruited to the Centre another immigrant who became NSW Premier and has since become a successful businessperson, Nick Greiner.

Speaking recently on ABC Radio, Mr Greiner argued for a more rational and scientifically based debate from what has essentially been an emotional and political one. His view is that this is a long term issue; it is about starting the conversation rather than having a short term dramatic impact.