Relief for low-income households thanks to State Govt rental trial

17 July 2017

"A TRIAL of a State Government initiative has helped more than 200 low-income households move into private rental homes.

Housing Minister Peter Tinley visited Butler today to promote the Assisted Rental Pathways Pilot(ARPP), which helped more than 200 social housing applicants and tenants by June 30.

The pilot is a partnership with private landlords as well as the community sector to tailor assistance and discounts on private rentals for up to four years."

The Department of Communities has been delivering the program in partnership with Centrecare, Multi-Cultural Services WA, Outcare and the Salvation Army.

Mr Tinley said the Government was working hard with community and private sectors to offer a range of affordable housing options.

“This initiative addresses people’s needs, capability and aspirations, rather than simply providing social housing for life,” he said.

“Many people do not need or desire this option; they just want a bit of help to get back on their feet.

“Participants are offered tailored support to help their progress to independence in the private rental market.

“This may include connecting with employment and training services, developing financial skills and broadening support networks.

“The program is about helping people so that they can help themselves.”

Program participants are assessed and must have a good previous rental history, minimal debt and the desire to improve their circumstances in order to be eligible.

Landlords who agree to participate are guaranteed rent for the duration of a residential tenancy agreement.

The ARPP’s total budget is $14 million, including $6 million for support services."

Please contact the Centrecare Gosnells office on tel (08) 9498 9200 for more information about this iniitiative.