Responsible Gambling Awareness Week 2013

3 September 2013

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week 2013

This week is Responsible Gambling Awareness Week and we at Centrecare are particularly mindful of this given our long standing involvement with providing support to individuals and families who are experiencing problems with gambling.

Gambling has been with us for thousands of years. It is a part of life and one that many can control relatively easily. Many of us see it as a bit of fun to be engaged in a few times a year. It is, therefore, difficult for us to understand the enormous damage that gambling can inflict on an individual and family. When gambling stops being fun and becomes and addiction then life can for some become an ongoing nightmare that they feel powerless to escape from.

Recently, there has been community discussion on the increasing advertising of gambling products and gambling opportunities. The normalisation of gambling and its exposure to younger and younger audiences have the capacity to increase the number of those people who are vulnerable to gambling addictions. It essential that as a community we remain alert to the fact that although gambling will always be with us it remains, for a substantial number of people, a highly problematic activity.

At Centrecare, we see the destructive aspects of gambling. Our services are intended to help the community become knowledgeable about gambling and on how to avoid the pitfalls. We also provide the expert assistance to help people “kick the habit” and regain control over their lives. This is not an easy thing to do and we are always inspired by the many people that can resume life beyond gambling. If you or a family member requires assistance with gambling problems please call 9325 5133.