West Australian Bushfires

3 February 2021

Bush Fire

The current bushfires affecting parts of Perth are horrifying and incredibly traumatic. We are seeing scenes of desolation, displays of grief and shock in the midst of the COVID 19 lockdown.

We know that many will need ongoing assistance in coming to terms with what has happened to them, their families, and their communities.

In times such as this, know that as an organisation Centrecare will do whatever it can to support communities touched by this tragedy needing our help to recover and rebuild. Centrecare may have a number of services that are able to assist with emotional issues. If you believe that Centrecare can be of help, please don’t hesitate to call any one of our metro offices listed below.

Perth 93256644
Gosnells 9498 9200
Mirrabooka 9440 0400
Joondalup 9300 7300
Cannington 9451 1100
Midland 9436 0600

Centrecare Director
Adj. Prof. Tony Pietropiccolo AM