Young children owning smartphones is the new normal. (Media Release)

21 June 2017

Does your young child own a tablet or smartphone?
If you answered yes then you should read this.

"Owning your own smartphone or tablet is now the new normal for Australian children, new research released today shows.

The latest Australian Child Health Poll has found that almost all Australian teenagers, two- thirds of primary school-aged children and one-third of pre-schoolers now own their own tablet or smartphone.

As well as owning their own device, three in four teenagers, and one in six primary school-aged children, have their own social media accounts.

The minimum age restriction on most social media platforms is 13.

The Director of the Australian Child Health Poll, paediatrician Dr Anthea Rhodes said one of the most significant findings, that directly affected children’s health, was the impact of screen use at bedtime on sleep."

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Young children owning smartphones is the new normal