Centrecare Inc part of new House Emergency Response group to address WA’s homeless

14 May 2021

The Record

"A newly formed Housing Emergency Response Group has released an open letter to the Premier on 6 May to convey their acute concern and four key priorities they are asking for to mitigate the impact and harm of the escalating housing crisis they are now calling an emergency.

“The housing crisis demands a whole of government response which so far has been missing. The immediate priority must be supporting people to remain in their rental homes and ensuring people who have had to leave their rental home are not exiting into homelessness.” Shelter WA Chief Executive Officer Michelle Mackenzie said.

“Services are seeing increasing levels of distress in the community and amongst their staff, and there is an acute concern for the welfare of children and women living in a family and domestic violence situation which they cannot escape.” Anglicare WA CEO Mark Glasson said."

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