Leaving no one behind: the economic imperative to invest in WAs community sector

13 February 2024

Leaving no one behind 2024

Yesterday a report was launched into the impact, challenges and opportunities for WA’s community services sector. Commissioned by Community Employers WA (CEWA) and developed by Nous Group through their Community Partnership Scheme, the report outlines a sector in crisis but also clear paths for investment, and with it, cost savings for government.

Three of the main recommendations are;

Prevention is the best cure
  1. the need to resolve the issue of adequate indexation,
  2. more reliable commissioning and
  3. the strengthening of partnerships with government,

The report also highlights a new opportunity, the establishment of an Early Intervention Investment Framework, similar to one adopted in Victoria. The Victorian framework has funnelled more than $1.5b in additional sector investment since it was introduced in 2021, using linked government datasets to prove a reduction in demand of acute services like hospitals and prisons, by investing in early intervention and prevention measures.

This report will form the backbone of CEWA’s advocacy agenda over the next 12 months.

Read the full report here.

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