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All Centrecare workshops have been cancelled until further notice in response to Coronavirus protocols. For more information, click here. For information regarding the Child and Parent Centres, contact them directly.

Centrecare runs workshops or groups throughout the Perth metropolitan and rural areas and most are FREE. Check here regularly to see what is happening in your area.

Perth MetropolitanCentrecare Workshops, groups and Events

Children in Focus Seminars - This FREE session aims to provide parents with information that will assist them in family dispute resolution. - Held weekly - Midland

Building Resilience Group for Women - A FREE two hour, 12 week education and support group for women experiencing family violence or who are at risk of being unsafe in the family environment. Every Wednesday evening - Perth 

Men Choosing Respect - A FREE behavioural change group for men. Key principles of the group include: the safety of partners, children and others, men are responsible for their own actions and men being accountable for their use of violence. Groups are available in Perth, Joondalup and Mirrabooka. Registration is essential.

Seasons for Growth -
For more information, click https://www.goodgrief.org.au/seasons-for-growth

Circle of Security Workshop

For more information about Circle of Security, click on the following link https://www.circleofsecurityinternational.com/

Bringing Up Great Kids 
For more information, click https://www.bringingupgreatkids.org/en/

Child and Parent Centres
Centrecare's Child and Parent Centres, run from Gosnells and East Maddington, regularly hold parenting workhops. Check here to stay up to date with what's coming up and click here to learn more about the Gosnells and East Maddington locations and here to learn more about these services.

Family Fiesta Fun Day - Join CPC's Gosnells and East Maddington in celebrating the easing of COVID-19 restrictions with a range of fun indoor and outdoor activities. The City of Gosnells will also be bringing their games. Thursday 16 Jul 20 9:30 - 12:00 - Gosnells


Family Dispute Resolution Seminar - These FREE seminars will provide parents with information to assist when participating in family dispute resolution. Every fortnight on alternating Wednesdays, 5:00pm - 6:30pm - Kalgoorlie

Coping with Mental Health - Wellness and Caregivers - FREE activities in Kalgoorlie. For more information: Tel: (08) 9080 0333 or email kalgoorlie@centrecare.com.au. - Kalgoorlie

"Before You Explode" - A FREE six week workshop to help you explore the effects of anger on your relationship and teach you ways to manage anger.
For more information: Tel: (08) 9080 0333 or email kalgoorlie@centrecare.com.au.Kalgoorlie

Protective Behaviours - A FREE  preventative, life skills program which enables people of all ages and walks of life to develop skills which empowers you to deal with all forms of difficult, unsafe or abusive situations, such as possible child abuse, bullying and family violence. For parents/caregivers with a child/ren aged 4 to 17yrs.
For more information about this program, click here or  Tel: (08) 9080 0333 or email kalgoorlie@centrecare.com.au.Kalgoorlie

Parent/Carer Protective Behaviours Seminar-  A FREE one off seminar informing parents how they can teach their kids about being safe. Duration: 2hrs
For more information: Tel: (08) 9080 0333 or email kalgoorlie@centrecare.com.au.Kalgoorlie

Communicating with teenagers -  FREE one off seminar for parents with teens 9yrs to 17yrs. This seminar is designed to assist you: increase your understanding of adolescence, improve your relationship with your teenager. Learn new ways of communicating. Duration 3hrs.
For more information: Tel: (08) 9080 0333 or email kalgoorlie@centrecare.com.au.Kalgoorlie

The Expert Within -  A FREE parents or carer’s with children 2yrs to 16yrs. Behaviour management program, learning ages/stages of development, ways to support children’s emotions and respond to children’s behaviour.
Duration: 4 week attendance and 2 weeks after follow up phone call. 
For more information: Tel: (08) 9080 0333 or email kalgoorlie@centrecare.com.au.Kalgoorlie

Seasons for Growth - A FREE 60 minute, 8 week group education program for children. Groups can be provided in specific aged groups for children and young people aged 13-14yrs to help them adapt to change and loss.
For informationon this program click here or Tel: (08) 9080 0333 or email kalgoorlie@centrecare.com.au.Kalgoorlie









































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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